Breaking:Ethics Violations Filed against Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

A little over one hour ago, the Wisconsin Judicial Commission decision (document linked) was released finding that Justice David Prosser willfully violated State Judicial Ethics Code of Conduct. The filing with the Wisconsin Supreme court (as required by law) cites numerous “intentional and willful” violations of SCR 60.02, the statutes governing Judicial Ethics.

The report outlines 16 specific points which will have to be taken up either by a three-judge appellate court panel or the high court itself under Wisconsin Law, which also decides penalties under Wisconsin law. 

Penalties under the law range from fines to written reprimands, censure, or even removal from office in extreme cases.

Justice Prosser’s office had no immediate comment.   


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  1. Lynn Hoffmeyer

     /  March 16, 2012

    Took them long enough but lets hope that that they are able to put him in the unemployed line where he belongs (jail will also work)

  2. CJ McD

     /  March 17, 2012

    Could it be possible that Gableman be next for lying about what happened? One can only hope.


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