Judge Niess issues permanent injunction on Voter ID

In Dane County Court today, Judge Richard Niess has issued a permanent injunction against Act 23, the “Voter ID” Act, saying the requirement for voters to obtain a voter ID represents an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote. The suit was brought by the League of Women Voters in October of 2011.

Unique to the Wisconsin Constitution is the guarantee that the legislature may not create any law which impedes the inherent right to vote for Wisconsin Citizens.

More on the decision as it is made available later today.

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  1. This fits with recent decisions in South Carolina and Texas.

  2. This Gov and his clowns are trying to divide and conquer WE THE PEOPLE OF WISCONSIN by taking away our rights one at a time. Rights given to us by Federal and State Laws dating back to our independence from Great Britain. Violating each and everyone of us in ways that matter most to our Quality of life. Once you loose that what else matters?

  3. Laur

     /  March 12, 2012

    thank goodness there are judges in WI that rule according to laws and not what walker wants!


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