Update : Walker signs Presidential Primary change into law, continues to portray bi-partisanship in statement

Governor Scott Walker signed SB 115 into law this morning, as Act 45. This changes Wisconsin’s Presidential Primary from February, to April – now coinciding with the Spring General Election.

In his statement, Walker claims the Act will “make the administration of our elections more cost efficient—saving valuable taxpayer dollars.” The result will have significant impact on potential recall election strategy, as there are now only two statewide election dates to draw from – the April and November General Elections.

Further, his statement states,“I was pleased to sign a bill into law this morning that received support from Republicans, Democrats and the Legislature’s one independent member.” The actual vote, shows otherwise. Only 5 Democrats voted in favor of the bill – Cullen, Kessler, Richards, Young, and Zamarripa; hardly a majority of Democracts. Walker continues attempting to portray an image of “bi-partisanship” to the media, while continuing to promote legislation, rules, and policies to consolidate his (and the GOP) hold on Wisconsin poitical power.

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  1. Jan Olson

     /  September 30, 2011

    The Presidential primary has always been in April, coinciding with the non-partisan general election, for which there has always been a February primary. How is this different?

    • Thanks for the question Jan. The Presidential primary has previously been in February, as affirmed in the press release (follow the link to view). The Primary will now coincide with the formerly non-partisan spring election – which raises even more issues. Thanks for reading.


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